the PIT Rules

The Archimedes Lever \, Project



the PIT rules

1. In any specific meeting set, while the meeting is in progress - everyone, each member of the meeting, is equal. This rule is fundamental. learn more. 

2. All members of the meeting are encouraged through an engaging line-up to actively participate in the meetinglearn more. 

3. Never negate or contradict a member of the meeting. You can add to an opinion of a member or simply express your own opinion. It is crucial that every member will be allowed to express himself without any fear of repercussion or judgement

4. Speak your turn clearly and briefly and to the topic discussed and, most importantly - listen while other members speak in their turn. The benefit of listening without judging is a pivotal trait in the PIT. 

5. Appreciate the other members of your circle\group. Actually, this is the most important PIT rule and by far the only path to expand your perspective on life, work and relationships

6. Before each PIT meetup prepare yourself. Take 5-10 minutes before a meetup to refresh the PIT rules and read again the purpose of the meetup. 

7. Strictly follow the lineup created for the meeting unless moderator decides to expand on a topic or to change a topic altogether

8. Show your respect to your circle\grouplearn more. 

Visibility and Availability of each member during the meeting is very important.

a. Clear your schedule so that nothing will interrupt the meeting (do not do other things while the meeting is on).

b. Make sure your camera is turned on and there is enough ambient light or direct light so members can see you.

c. Make sure you are appropriately dressed.

d. Make a sound test before the meetup to make sure you can be heard. 

In the PIT you are all working together towards the same goal - making strong, long lasting positive interactions that help each member advance his goals while at the same time making the group stronger and more effective.