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Tribes Of Peace


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What does "inclusion" mean?

Inclusion is the highest form of human interaction. Positive inclusion means your circle\group\community follows rules aimed at reaching higher forms of human interaction. The highest form of positive inclusion is where each member gains the strength, knowledge and energy and finally attributes, of the entire circle\group\community. This is true not only with professional interaction where you gain knowledge, but also all other traits and benefits of all the members in all other walks of life including those of social and personal attributes. The formula is simple and as ancient as human existence - surround yourself with positive interactions, follow the group rules, and your life, and your work environment becomes instantly and vastly improved in every way. 



But, for what end? 

In the virtual meeting world distinct personal attributes such as a person's charisma, energy or vitality, conviction, rhetorical abilities (even when well-framed ideas and logic are present) - all are greatly diminished and become somewhat dull. In a virtual meeting all participants (wether a leader, a professor or lecturer or any person of interest ) are eventually a frame on the computer screen. An essential part of human interaction consists of physical presence and body language as well as other less visible attributes. Virtual communication, even when relying on immersive virtual technology, subtract from the personal experience. 

Still, can't we feel a connection in virtual meetings? 

A virtual meeting organizer will often find himself focusing on passing down knowledge or information focusing on" "the bare necessities" of participant interactions in a meeting - often times makes do with a limited "yes\no" response from his peers. 


Enter the PIT

A new form of virtual meeting generator and method ensuring you get results from your meetings while engaging each member in your meeting as a positive force of change, knowledge, creativity and sense of purpose towards the entire group and himself. Become a PIT VM Manager in your company. 

The secret of the PIT

At the heart of the PIT are a set of rules. Learn about them to create a new work environment.